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Doing it Safe

Our Safety Philosophy


Our Goal

As a leader in Steel Construction, we realize that people are our most valuable resource. Therefore, the personal health and safety of each employee is of primary importance. Our goal is to have a safety and health process that reduces the number of injuries and illnesses to zero. The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity whenever necessary. 

Steps We Take

Safety is a dynamic process, not a program. Proactive hazard assessments and incident management will be utilized to prevent incidents that can cause injury. To be successful in this effort, all members of our team must cultivate and encourage continuous improvement in injury and illness prevention. 

Our Safety and Health process is guided by many individual programs. Each of these programs will include the following basic principles. 

  • Safe work practices and facilities are a condition of doing business. 

  • We must investigate every incident thoroughly to prevent reoccurrences.

  • All levels of personnel will cooperate fully with the employee safety committee, knowing that through employee involvement and cooperation, continuous improvement can be sustained. 

  • A program of safety and health inspections will be used to identify and eliminate unsafe work practices and conditions, control hazards, and comply fully with safety and health standards for every job. 

  • Safety and health policies, procedures, and guidelines will be purposefully developed and consistently enforced. 

  • Safety training must be practical and meaningful for all employees. 

Holding Ourselves Responsible

It is our philosophy that safety and health responsibilities are shared. We accept the leadership responsibility for developing and sustaining an effective process for the preservation of health for all. Those in supervisory roles will foster and encourage the proper attitudes and behaviors towards safety in themselves and in those with whom they work. For all employees, genuine cooperation with all safety and health programs is a condition of employment. 

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